Leading Radiator Trade Body calls on UK Merchants to help eliminate bogus products

17th March 2021
The Manufacturers Association of Radiators and Convectors (MARC), calls upon UK Merchants and showrooms to help raise industry standards and eliminate radiator products with over-inflated heat output claims from the market.
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The ‘You are what you Heat’ campaign launched in 2020 represents the importance of having quality, *CE/UKCA marked radiators, for heating systems and homes to be fit and healthy, which applies to all products sold into the construction industry, including those purchased online.

As part of the campaign, today, 17.03.2021, MARC launch their Rules for selling radiators in the UK, Merchants Guide’.

Isaac Occhipinti, Head of external affairs, MARC said;

“The role of merchants and showrooms in the supply chain is fundamental to raising standards in the industry and ensuring that only products which comply with EN442 standards are installed in UK homes.”

“The effects of having radiators that do not conform- often with overinflated heat output claims- is well known within the industry. False claims leave consumers cold, out of pocket, and with a bitter taste which reflects badly throughout the industry. Merchants and showrooms have a role to play in ensuring that that message gets to the end users- the homeowner.”

“MARC members have created a Merchant Guide as an easy reference. It can be shared with sales teams and teamed with our Consumer Guide, published in 2020.

” ‘Internally’ MARC has been working across the whole industry to ensure that all companies comply with the Construction Products regulations and that their marketing materials and product performance data are correct.”

“The issue of bogus products requires a wide reaching approach. One guaranteed way that consumers can have product assurance is to look out for MARC membership! All members of MARC must provide proof of product performance (CE/UKCA marking), together with test certificates.”

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For more information about MARC please visit www.marcuk.com

Members of MARC are;

  • Castrads
  • DQ Heating
  • Eucotherm
  • Irsap
  • Kudox
  • MHS Radiators
  • Purmo Group
  • SBH Radiators
  • Stelrad Radiator Group
  • Terma
  • Towelrads
  • Vogue UK
  • Ximax
  • Zehnder Group

You can download the Rules for selling radiators in the UK- Merchants Guide here.

You can download the consumer guide to buying the right radiators here.